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Collection of Silver Stamp Boxes & Cases For Sale

Steppes Hill Farm Antiques is advertising (Decemeber 2021) a private collection of English silver stamp boxes and cases for sale; details on their website here.

This post is not a paid advertisement (which we do not accept) nor is it an endorsement or recommendation; it is simply to inform readers about something that may interest them.

Elegant Combination Box

The vendor describes this as:
Hallmarked in London in 1913 by William Hornby, this stylish design, George V, Antique, Sterling Silver Cigarette Case, Stamp box & Vesta combination, has a plain and handsome style. The case has a section for cigarettes, a space for matches, with a striker, and three slots for stamps, all of which are gold plated. The case measures 5″(12.5cm) long, 3″(7cm) wide and 5″(2cm) deep with a weight of 6.8 troy ounces.
At the time of writing, it is being offered for sale here.

Stamp Box, Ink Well & Pen

It has been several months since we have had a spectacular stamp box to bring to your attention. This is currently being offered on eBay, described as, “Rectangular silver London desk triple stamp, box ink well and pen. 1900. Retailed by the Gold Smiths & Silver Smiths Company Ltd. Maker Henry & Albert Batson. All fully hallmarked. The pen being a later addition.
eBay item number: 362543364511

Dragon Stamp Box

We have a weakness for the unusual, the quirky; and this box surely qualifies. Currently a “Buy it now” item on eBay (no.: 382561202424) described as a dragon figure; who knew that dragons have the body of a tortoise!

Maharaja’s Compendium

This amazing, silver gilt desk compendium incorporates a three-compartment stamp box. It once belonged to the last Maharaja of Rajpipla. The button in front of the stamp box rings a bell in the base of the compendium to summon your servant to post your correspondence.

What home can manage without one; and it is currently for sale on eBay at £2,500 (or Make Offer).
(Item no.: 202244994308)

Ink Well / Stamp Box

The silver in this combination of an ink well and four stamp boxes is hallmarked in London for Alfred Fuller, dated 1892. It is being offered on eBay as “Buy it now” at £2,450; item number 312030704777.