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Spa Ware Stamp Boxes

A book about Spa ware stamp boxes has been published recently.
Spa ware, after the town of Spa in Belgium, has some similarities to Scottish Mauchline ware but with a much wider range of decorating styles. This book has been privately published, in a limited edition, by the author and is clearly a labour of love.
There is a review and some illustrations on our publications page here.

Remarkable on-line Sale


Many regular readers will know the fabulous, limited edition, Tunbridge Ware stamp box made by Peter Benjamin for the millenium (example illustrated left).
One recently sold on a well-known on-line auction website for a remarkable £371.63 after 38 bids by 8 bidders.

Two Collections for Sale


The Cavendish Philatelic Auctions sale of Worldwide & Great Britain philately on 21-23 June 2022 includes two lots of stamp boxes, illustrated left. They might add to an existing collection or either would make a great starter collection for someone new to stamp boxes.
See the catalogue here.

Collection of Silver Stamp Boxes & Cases For Sale

Steppes Hill Farm Antiques is advertising (Decemeber 2021) a private collection of English silver stamp boxes and cases for sale; details on their website here.

This post is not a paid advertisement (which we do not accept) nor is it an endorsement or recommendation; it is simply to inform readers about something that may interest them.

Patent Stamp Affixer

This advertisement was said to be from the 1880s but we have not yet verified that.
Perhaps one of our readers can provide some more information, as we have never seen this (the advertisement or the “fixer”) before.

Stamp Boxes at Auction

Our photo shows one of three mixed lots of stamp boxes being offered by Corbitts in their sale on 20th January 2021. As well as being of interest to people building their collection, these lots, with modest estimates, could make great starts to new collections of stamp boxes. Images and descriptions are on their website here.