Stamp Box on eBay

1990BoxUPDATE: The box was offered as a “Buy it now” item and did not sell by the first closing date. It has been re-listed as item no.: 232050504675 and ends on 15 September.
This stamp box will be familiar to many of our readers. It was produced in 1990 to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the Penny Black (the world’s first postage stamp) in a limited edition of forty. One is now for sale on eBay where it may be found under reference 272309907078. The sale ends on 15 August.

Pewter Stamp Boxes

A group of similar but different items often makes an interesting part of a collection. One collector has sent us this photograph of a nice group of USA pewter stamp boxes. Each has a hinged lid depicting a USA stamp and he has found an example of each of the stamps to accompany the corresponding box. They are modern and none has a maker’s mark. So here are questions for our readers: does anyone know who makes (made) these? Does anyone have a full list of the boxes made (so far) or, failing that, we would be glad to hear of other examples not in our photograph. All responses to will be published here anonymously.