Maharaja’s Compendium

This amazing, silver gilt desk compendium incorporates a three-compartment stamp box. It once belonged to the last Maharaja of Rajpipla. The button in front of the stamp box rings a bell in the base of the compendium to summon your servant to post your correspondence.

What home can manage without one; and it is currently for sale on eBay at £2,500 (or Make Offer).
(Item no.: 202244994308)

Ink Well / Stamp Box

The silver in this combination of an ink well and four stamp boxes is hallmarked in London for Alfred Fuller, dated 1892. It is being offered on eBay as “Buy it now” at £2,450; item number 312030704777.

London Silver Vaults

These two boxes are currently on sale from this eBay shop: raresilver
The seller also has a physical shop in the London Silver Vaults in Chancery Lane, London. These underground vaults are home to the largest retail collection of silver in the world. This is a must-visit place for anyone interested in silver, stamp boxes or otherwise.

Visit their website here:




Chrome Cases Articles

Not having updated our website for a long time, we now have a gem. Not just one but three, linked articles about chrome stamp cases. The first is a general introduction  to these interesting cases. The second, a listing of known plaques and decorations on them and, the third, a concise catalogue of the various types.
Find them on our Articles page.

Woolley & Wallis Auction

This is one of seventeen lots of stamp boxes in the upcoming Woolley & Wallis auction on 25 April 2017. They are part of The Arthur Holder Collection, the first part of which was offered in their auction last October. We reported it here on 27 September 2016.
The current catalogue is available on-line here.

Beautiful Stamp Box on eBay

This silver and enamel stamp box was made by Mordan & Co and hallmarked for London 1891. It was sold on eBay on 2 April 2017 following an exciting auction. The vendor listed it with the minimum starting price of 99p. Bids followed quickly and were into three figures by the end of the first day. As the auction approached its close, bidding stood at £1,400. A flurry of bids in the closing minute took it to its final price of £2,662.

Tiffany Stamp Boxes

TiffanyWe illustrate two superb Tiffany stamp boxes.

The top one is currently for sale on the eBay auction site where it can be found by searching the item number 272563405451. Bidding has already started at $1,250 (over £1,000).

The one below resides in the Philadelphia Museum of Art. It can be seen on their website here. Do follow the link because there are other images as well as information about the box on that page.


Stamp Box / Wetter Combination

WetterBoxCombination“I’ve never seen one like that before!”
One of the joys of this area of collecting is never knowing what may turn up. So many items are one-offs that the most experienced collector can find him/herself uttering the above words.
This quirky combination in silver, hallmarked London 1895, was recently sold by Willingham Auctions for £180 on the hammer (plus premium). The box lid and front hinge open to two, gilt-washed compartments. The large wetter doesn’t look to have tasted water for many a year.


World’s Columbian Exposition

chicago1893The World’s Columbian Exposition was held in Chicago in 1893. Thousands of souvenirs were produced to sell to visitors. These included many different stamp boxes and cases. The website of the American Philatelic Society carries an excellent article about these items which may be downloaded from here. The many fine illustrations include two Mauchline Ware stamp boxes. However, it does not include the one we illustrate above. It just shows: there’s always more to be discovered.